Thursday, July 26, 2007

560: A Pox?! Don't Want!

Count Mortimer fusses

Damn it all to hell!

I caught a cowpox from one of the maids, and got deathly ill. I recovered, barely, but am still to weak to get out of bed. It's been months and I still feel awful—and she wasn't even that good a lay!

Drat it all. I hate lying here day in and day out, useless and old and alone. Why did Monroe have to ride off and take Lancrius with him! Every son of mine who was ever knighted is dead. Monroe is dead, my granddaughter Rosemeade is dead, even Zenobia, Monroe's illegitimate daughter (shut up in a nunnery all these years) is dead of the plague...oh, it makes me weep. Rosemeade's little one, her one and only son with young Leodigrance, is the only issue of Monroe still alive. As the autumn closed in I sent word to my lord the good and just king Arthur to confirm little Raymond as my heir under the regency of Earl Robert.

I wish Ebble was alive.

We heard that Brian attacked Lindsay and Malahaut; Leo would have liked that.

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