Monday, November 07, 2005


Sir Mortimer speaks

We hear King Idris of Cornwall is working his way east, conquering as he goes. We also hear that Wessex and Sussex are joining forces in preparation for an attack on us.

We were pretty worried, but then forces from other counties and kingdoms started showing up in Salisbury, aching to fight the Saxons. Whoo-ya! Dorset, Marlborough, Ryddchan.

We met the Saxons at the Battle of Du Plain, and held them off for two days. We couldn't get the advantage, but neither could they. Sir Ebble knighted little Count Chuckie of Marlborough before heading off on a night raid in an attempt to demoralize the Saxons. Well, we demoralized them all right, but Sir Ebble also took a major wound! And now reinforcements are headed toward the Saxon camp. Drat!

Well, well, well. Shifty ol' Merlin showed up and routed the Saxon reinforcements; we took care of the rest. In gratitude and common sense, the Countess of Salisbury made Sir Ebble the Marshal of Salisbury! You should see his retinue now: it's enormous.

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