Monday, December 25, 2006

532: Battle of Tara

Mortimer recounts

It's a funny thing, getting older. Each year, more parts of my body ache (and ache worse), young knights seem impossibly young, the youngsters get noisier. Lady Betty, she keeps me young, and the children (and young knights!) in line. She's doing something right: I'm easily 15 years older than Leodigrance, but put the two of us side-by-side and you'd never know it. He looks old. Worse yet is his young friend Sir Galonors. He looks positively wasted.

The other thing about getting old? All your companions start dying off. We heard this year that young Sir Trently, my old brother-in-law, was killed last summer in a tournament or duel or some such. Court foolishness, these tournaments. And now Lady Betty tells me the queen is making noise about a new court for the ladies and damosels, a court of love.


I took the family to Camelot, of course. Lady Betty naturally spent most of her time with the other ladies, and when the boys arrived they did me the honor of serving me at table during the feast. Lovely lads, all! Lancrius is sure to make a fine knight, and it did me proud to see him knighted. His younger brothers were good sports about it, but clearly wanting their turn. Next year, I think, I will be ready to let them go, and thereafter spend my days playing with my baby daughter and advising the king while I slowly slide into dotage!

My lord King Arthur Pendragon Emperor of Rome decided to war upon the Irish, and asked us to muster up. Very well! Quick work, that. I hear young Sir Leo may stay on in Ireland with the promise of extensive lands. Huh. If he does, I shall have to ask him for some more of those exceptional dogs he breeds. They're great fun to have around Durnford.

I came back to Durnford to find that Lady Betty delivered of our child earlier than expected. The boy was sickly, so we had him baptised right away, but he lived the night and seems to be holding his own. We'll see.

I would like to hear word of my son before I die, even if it's to know that he is dead in some adventure. Dear Monroe! It's hardest not knowing.

Meet Sir Lancruis

I am a knight!

Finally. Why did father make me wait so long?

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