Thursday, July 13, 2006


Sir Jerry

I hate Sussex, or maybe it's my wife. Hard to say, as it's her manor I've taken over. As soon as the weather cleared, I went off to Anglia for the King in order to surpress Saxons—good clean fun! We successfully besieged Guinnon, and in the looting that followed I somehow managed to kill approximately 40 peasants for just under 4 librum worth of goods. I don't remember much of it; I think I was drinking that morning. Anyway, Arthur was none too happy, apparently, and I took a hit for that, but then I just went back to East Meon and alarmed the countryside with tales of my summer vacation.

Sir Mortimer explains

The building and fortification of Portchester are on schedule and proceeding nicely. I've even had a little time to start work on a small castle nearby, Totton. Fortunately it was a rich year in Salisbury.

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