Thursday, April 12, 2007

540: Idle Gossip

[No game tonight, as we won't have a quorum. Instead, rumors and gossip at King Arthur's Pentecost court.]

Since Clarence has been brought to heel, the kingdom is quiet. Knights that took secondary roads may likely have encountered road challenges from disguised knights fighting for the glory of their lover, their own glory, or sheer mischeviousness.

Knights riding in from Hertford, Anglia, and Kent notice the beginnings of a great construction at the old manor and keep in Windsor.

The king and queen greet the knights and their ladies assembled for the feast at Pentecost. Queen Guenevere seems...guarded...after her recent misadventure with Melliagraunce. Arthur looks restless and preoccupied. Perhaps it's because his son, Prince Borre, is off to the Continent to help the de Ganis clan in their land struggles.

At the Round Table, the seats of Lancelot, Percival, and Lamorak are vacant, as are those Agravain, Gaheris, Gareth, and Mordred. Other RTK think the brothers are perhaps in Lothian, "attending to family business, no doubt."

Snort! "No doubt. I hear their mother, the queen, is a real looker. Like her sister, King Urien's wife."

"Aren't she and Lamorak—"

Shhh! "Don't let Sir Gawain hear you, or—"

As Sir Gawain strides up to his seat at the Round Table, the knights hear the ladies sighing with Lust and their fellow knights sighing with greed: the king's nephew is wearing a massive suit of armor and a huge grin. Underneath his arm is a full helmet with a pointed visor...Gawain looks damn near untouchable in that armor. Where did he get that?

Among the news of the evening, the Earl of Silchester announces a substantial reward for word of the whereabouts of his son and heir, Sir Monroe. Word goes around informally that the Earl is also looking for a suitable husband for his granddaughter, whose dowry includes a manor...

Several knights around the hall brag about their latest acquisition: a family motto. What's yours?

Sir Gerin the Weaker was heard to say, "Construction in Windsor? My father was from around those parts, before the Saxons drove him from his home. We should certainly investigate... although a beautiful Queen is worth investigating as well..."
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