Thursday, November 03, 2005


Sir Mortimer speaks

I was worried that after being disgraced, and disgracing poor Earl Roderick that garrison duty might be my fate until the end of my days, but that jolly old earl said all is forgiven and requested Sir Ebble and I with a handful of knights accompany him as an envoy to the distant kingdom of Malahaut and Roestoc. Malahaut! I have never been so far from home.

We kicked it up with Saxon raiders in Malahaut; great fun, though I managed to drop my sword on the battlefield, only to see it captured by a Saxon warrior. Oh, the rigors of being a knight. I'm going to have to get that back, and soon.

In Conisboro Earl Roderick tried to reach a treaty with the lord, to no avail. The Earl did take us through London on our way home, which was a great marvel to see, surely the largest city in the world.

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