Friday, April 06, 2007

539. The Year I Almost Killed Greg Stafford

Guest Gamemaster, David, here:

Two weeks ago, Greg ruthlessly slaughtered an entire party of goodly knights (Total Party Kill, or TPK, for short). Greg almost had his comeuppance last night, when his knight, Sir Clydno of the Finger, was lying dead in the hoary mud of Gwaelod.

An excellent party of player knights, along with King Lak and 60 of his Irish Warriors, rode to the rebel Cantref of Gwaelod to avenge the deaths of four noble knights (the Total Party Kill Knights, or TPKKs, for short). Upon crossing the border of Gwaelod, the Army of Vengeance, as it was called, was mercilessly set upon by troops sent by Count Gwyddno, and during the second skirmish, Greg (er...Clydno) was skewered and thrown from his horse. Even the Finger of St. Alban, Clydno's precious relic, couldn't save his lifeless husk from hitting the dark, dark earth of Gwaelod. In noblest form, Greg swiftly got a new character sheet and started rolling up a new character (this time a mighty Saxon, ahem ...).

After the battles were over, Greg suddenly remembered that his dead character Clydno had inherited and wore, as his character sheet stated, a belt that granted extra First Aid. It is one of the possible family gifts from the new Advanced Character Generation .pdf that's coming soon. Since I trust everyone in this truly superb group of players, including Greg, I decided to allow him his extra First Aid role, which brought him from zero hitpoints to three.

A consumate strategist or just plain lucky?

Luck, luck, luck!

I'm sorry I missed that one, man.
It was a fun game. And as much as I would have loved to see Greg's character get killed, I was hoping to be the guest GM that did it. I came so close in Camille's Rebellion....
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