Saturday, March 31, 2007

538: Rumors

Sir Monroe reporting

Not much to report, really, as Father refuses to let me adventure, and besides, I have my hands full running Werrington, raising the girls and doing as much as I can to help Father in the running of Silchester and his lands in Salisbury. Father's stamina is not what it used to be, but my brother Elliott is proving himself to be a most capable Steward

Oh, Lancrius came by to announce that Clarian, Lady Ysabet's club-footed son, had been killed whilst away adventuring in Cambria somewhere. Lancrius looked pretty upset, but then again, he and Clarian were always pretty close, being the only two in the family with black hair. Not that we ever talk about that, eh?

Sir Cynfyn, one of Lancrius' companions, wed and there was quite a feast down at Greenbriar. I think everyone in Salisbury was ready for a celebration, so it was quite the blowout, especially as it was hosted by good old Leodigrance. I took young Zenobia to the wedding, as she is 16 now and ready either for marriage for Amesbury, however the pieces fall.

While on a trip to London to procure some timbers for some construction Father is supervising, I thought I espied Sir Trently's old man-at-arms, the Ethiop, ah, Wendimu. That's it, Wendimu. But the crowds around the docks were thick with foreigners, and before I could be sure I lost the sight of him.

I was surprised late in the year to get another visit from Sir Lancrius, back from a summer's adventuring. He got to go off searching for Queen Guenevere, as did we all, but he unworthy knave actually found her and had the great honor and privilege of rescuing her! Damn him to hell! Why could it have not been me, a worthier and more worshipful knight of our blessed Queen's beauty and benevolence? My heart was burning in me at the thought of rescuing the fair queen, when with a quiet word he froze it cold: Melliagraunce, the dastard who kidnapped the queen, was riding an enchanted palomino...given to him by one of Sir Gawain's brothers. Could it be, after these 14 years, that I might be able to fulfill my oath to avenge the death of King Pellinore and kill his murderer(s)?

A week later, in disguise, I stole out of Werrington and headed for Camelot and word of Sir Gawain's whereabouts.

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