Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sir Leodimer speaks

Every year there're more and more Saxons, and now they're marching into Logres!

Got "another Lindsay scar" at the Battle of Lindsay, plus a buttload of glory and loot to boot. Our little squad routed a battalion and swung the battle to our side's favor, thank you very much. Also picked up some more ransom-worthy prisoners for even more cash, which I'm liking. This knight business is expensive, you know. We also got the personal thanks of the Pendragon, imagine that!

Life is sweet.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Sir Leodimer speaks

Lindsay one year, France the next—now it's Cornwall with King Uther. Pretty boring, really, but we did get to attend the very large reconcilliation feast between the High King and Duke Gorlois of Cornwall. Got to sing my Song of the Glowing Green Knight again.

Went back to Lindsay, skirmished in Roestoc with more Saxons, and, got my sword back. Damn skippy.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Sir Leodimer speaks

Whoa! We got sent to France!

At the Siege of Bayeaux, I managed to capture someone worth ransoming, and got sweet French pillage goods to boot. Should look nice in the hall back home. Unfortunately, we managed to piss off Prince Maddoc. Not good to have the future High King disliking you!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Sir Leodimer speaks

Hey, the glowing green knight paid off again when Merlin told the story of our hacking it to death at King Uther's winter court. Sweet!

Now that we've caught the king's eye, we got sent on the embassy to the Duke of Lindsay. Got to see London, which was pretty exciting. It's huge! But in Malahaut, while skirmishing with a bunch of awfully large Saxons, Sir Ebble went all melancholy on us. Don't know why, but he barely made it out of the fight. As it was, I lost my sword. Damn!

Oh, and the embassy accomplished zip.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Meet Sir Leodimer the Tidy

A newly-minted knight, I met Sir Brastius and Sir Siagrius of Soissons at Earl Roderick's court. Saw Merlin, too—impressive! Also met some other Salisbury knights: Sir Ebble, Sir Darwin and Sir Wim DeFault, and Gwynfer the Green. All fine fellows, all about my age. We did a lot of garrison duty, ran into a giant goat owned by a giant giant, whom Sir Ebble killed.

Later during the summer we came across a glowing green knight with five arms, and who we also killed, for we are killing machines. Hey, it was worth 75 glory, folks.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Meet Sir Selises

Oops, too late! While riding with Sir Roderick and the knights of Salisbury against the invading Saxons, he fumbled his very first Lance roll and died.

Short night.

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