Thursday, July 13, 2006


Sir Mortimer recounts

Well, a happy day: the good Count Belinger knighted my son! Monroe, Sir Monroe, is now off to Arthur's court to see what adventures he may be in, or cause to be stirred up. His mother, dear Lady Rose, would have been so proud.

I myself took one of my younger sons with me to Lincoln. Not a good trip. I was seriously wounded, which makes sitting on horseback even more painful, and my little boy ate a bad pudding and died.

I came back home to Durnforn only to learn that the sons of Cerdic had been raiding the southern edges of Salisbury, for which they will pay dearly. I also took the advice of the old men of the manor and took me a wife, a comely if low-born lass. But Betty keeps me warm at night, and does a fine job running the household, so I can't complain. Though I do find myself still walking in the gardens and thinking of Ysabet from time to time.

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