Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Sir Mortimer writes

I feel we're making progress against the Saxon horde. The marshall hired the renowned Sir Cador of Cornwall to fight with us this summer and, since things have settled down in Hampshire enough that we're annexing it to Salisbury, the Marshal took us to Dorset. Seems Dorset was in the sights of King Idris of Cornwall, who is looking to become high king? He's certainly acquiring territory as if he wants to be. Idris even offered Sir Ebble the position of Duke of the West if he'd join his cause, but Ebble declined after he saw his low character. Who wants to be sworn to a man who won't keep his word?

The Battle of Dorset turned out to be a three-day disaster: our army was routed, Sir Briant was killed, and Ebble and I were captured. Damn, I am getting tired of prisons! We were sent to wait out the winter at Castle Dore. Mysteriously, Sir Belinger was ransomed to freedom at Christmas court by an unknown lady. Hmm.

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