Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Sir Mortimer speaks

We're out of gaol!

We had to buy our way out with ransom--a tidy, 100L sum in the Marshall's case--but we have dodged King Idris's ambush and are out of Cornwall, and back in Salisbury. Waiting for the hammer to fall as we now have 1) no money 2) no army 3) a poor harvest. We're on the verge of impoverishment! It didn't help that the Count of Windsor did not pay the balance of his ransom owed me--so I spent my last 2L of loot on hired minstrels to spread the word about the Count.

The Marshall seems to be taking a hard look at how to best preserve Salisbury. A new Saxon army has landed in the east and is threatening Hertford; other Saxons have retaken Portsmouth in the south of Salisbury (what Wessex?); the traitorous Duke Ulfius has taken manors on the edge of eastern Salisbury, and castles from our allies Rydichan and Marlborough.

Might there be a shuffling of wives in the near future?

Sir Ebble, while away in prison, lost Agnes Jr (due to the poor harvest, likely), but did gain a newborn daughter. Should he name her Dorie?

The scoundrely Duke Ulfius is the next matter calling our attention.

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