Monday, December 25, 2006

533: Court of Love

Mortimer groans

Just as I had feared, our lovely queen has proceeded with her idea, and this year at court we were subjected to a spectacle known as the Court of Love. Lady Betty was there, as was our ward cousin Brandimante. Lady Raeburgh was there, the great count's daughter Adwen, so many fine young ladies, all caught up in the excitement of the queen's clap-trap. Hah! Sometimes I think to myself, poor Arthur! I'll leave it to others to speak of it.

Oh! But what was this? My dear lord King Arthur Pendragon Emperor of Rome almost killed me at court this year. Sir Leo and I were entertaining ourselves practicing on the jousting field when the king beckoned us over, bade us to clean up and appear in the hall. Hmm. With a nod in my direction, Arthur declared to all assembled that he was resolving The Silchester appointing me Count of Silchester! I just about had a heart attack. I now consider the matter of the Count of Windsor's unpaid ransom resolved. (It's only been 34 years.) Then it was Leo's turn as the king turned to him and announced that there was none better in the kingdom to be marshall of Salisbury. How true! (Even though I beat his ass on the tourney field.)

There will be one huge party as soon as I can arrange it—in Silchester's jail!


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