Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sir Doon writes to the Archbishop of Canterbury...

In te year of Our Lorde 556, to Canterbury be this lettre tayke.

To the Ryte Worshippful Lord Bishop of Canterbury, I am Sir Doon of Devon, Lord of the Manor of the Black Hills, still Knight of the Whyte Hen, liegeman of the Goodly Kynge Erbin of Devon, and lykequise servant of Kyng Arthur.

I'm writin te ask wha's all this business wit te Holy Grail. Me priest is all goggle-eyed and says its a cup of Jesu blood or some such. Whats so specyal about it? I get me fill of Jesu blood at leas two, mebbe, three tymes a week at Mass. An I eat Jesu, like a Goodly Christian aut. I think its better to eat Jesus first then drink his bloode, caus if'n its the other way around, ye get dry mouth.

Anyhoo, me priest says I aut to go on Quest for the Jesu cup, but truth be tol I'm a bit busy at te moment. I got a new wyfe and two girls te look after, and te lands still sluggish. Is it all ryte that I stay home and eat n drink Jesus on me own? Can I stell git te heaven?

Your humble servant,

Doon of Devon

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