Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Sir Leodimer grimaces

Well, I don't know what happened over the winter—I mean, at the feast the High King and the Duke were all buddy-buddy, but now...Duke Gorlois left in a huff back to Cornwall, and Uther followed. At the Siege of Dimiloc we skirmished with the Duke himself, which was a perilous undertaking as the Duke is a formidable man and an awesome knight. I was in the right place at the wrong time, however, and when the Duke spotted Prince Maddoc he zeroed in on him, looking vengeance-crazed. Well, I couldn't stand there and not defend the prince. So in I charged, and when the prince fell, wounded, I stood over him. Got in a mighty blow against the Duke, too...then I was cloven in twain. -16 hit points.

Guess my sister inherits Newton Tony.

SIR Mortimer, thank you very much!

Finally, finally, finally! Earl Roderick knighted me this week, and Sunday I went to church in Sarum, not as a squire, but as a bonafide knight. Father would have been so proud!

I had a month to strut around Durnford, lording it over little brother Lancrius, before I rode off with the other Salisbury knights to the wedding of King Uther to Lady Igraine. He's shorter than I imagined! And the Lady Igraine was, well, very beautiful. But oh, you should have heard the talk whispered behind hands, since her first husband the Duke is only just dead.

I can't believe how strong the King's beer is.

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