Friday, May 18, 2007

541: News from the North

[I miss those letters from Sir Galonors! My apologies for butchering David's style.—Suzanne]

In the Year of Our Lord 541,
To Mortimer, Count of Silchester, Castellan of Portchester, and Knight of the Round Table,

Liege, the good monks of St Ceneu's wrote this letter for me, which I am sending south as soon as may be. I fear it will not reach you in time as there are few travelers in these parts, and fewer still that I may trust on such a long journey as this letter will require.

Firstly, my lord, know that my knight and your own right true first-born son, Sir Monroe of Salisbury, lies in St Ceneu's on the cusp of death. Secondly, know that he was struck low and left for dead by the brigand-knights of Lothian as he made his way south from the Castle of Maidens after an interview with the Brothers Orkney concerning my knight's own sworn Quest. We were waylaid on the road in numbers to great to overcome. Your son bid me ride south post-haste and bring you word while he armed himself and prepared to fight, but I rode back after the dogs had done their work and found my knight's near-lifeless body lying on the heath. With much care I was able to carry him thither to this monastery and place him under the care of their healing arts.

An it please you, lord, know that it was never my knight's desire to cause you distress or anguish by his sudden and stealthy departure. He was greatly torn in mind and heart between his filial devotion to you, lord, and his chivalric duty to fulfill the oath he swore to the three daughters of King Pellinore.

Please, lord, ride north with all haste so that your son may look upon you one last time and beg your forgiveness should he be called untimely to the bosom of Jesus Christ.

Your humble and faithful servant and esquire,

Aggrovain of Hampshire

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