Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Sir Mortimer

When spring rolled around I went to another wedding: seems my cousin Mordecai, inspired by the King's marriage, figured it was time he got married as well. Nice to see my Aunt Finelle again.

That was really the high point; it seems I am to spend most of my time garrisoning castle cannot imagine how boring that is. I would rather be cooped up in Durnford with the sheep and pigs all winter. At first I thought being sent to Cornwall would be an adventure, but it turns out I got stuck with garrison duty there, too! But then...

Merlin showed up one day. I was pretty excited, seeing someone of such fame—or infamy, rather. I was riding with Sir Ebble, a small but doughty knight from the manor with the same name, and Merlin asked him for protection: to delay anyone that might be following him. Since Merlin is known as the King's servant Sir Ebble of course agreed. Little did we realize that the men in hot pursuit of the wizard were the king's own men!

We did not realize it in the heat of battle—and, I admit with not a small amount of pride, I myself stuck the mighty Sir Brastius, the King's right-hand man, a mighty 21-point blow with my measly 4d6 swordarm. Unfortunately, we did our sworn task all too well, and delayed Sir Brastius and his party while Merlin escaped. For that we were thrown in the gaols of Exeter Castle!

Let me tell you, it was a shock to my system, a newly-minted knight obeying the orders of the king's servant, to be tossed in the clink. We were accused of treason and put on trial. Earl Roderick came to our aid once he heard of our plight, but oh, Queen Igraine had it in for us. You should have heard her wail, "Kill them! They took my baby. Kill them!" I thought we were done for. We were acquited, though sore dishonored, and rode back to Salisbury.

We later heard that Merlin has been banished. Fine with me!

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