Thursday, July 13, 2006

524: Greg's playing

Sir Clydno, Le chevalier Doight

I generated Sir Clydno for the first Pendragon game that I’ve played in decades. Aaron is the GM, because in my campaign I requrie the players to sometimes be GMs so I can play too. ow that we’re in a period of stability, they can run things occasionally.
I made him the bastard younger brother of a major NPC, Count Charles of Marlboro. I’ve always referred him, in the offhanded GM way outside of the game, as Count Chuckie, and find that the player characters always do now too. My character is perplexed by this familiaroity and impudence, insists on them calling him Count Charles, thanks to his +6 Loyalty (Lord) he got from Character generation as the son of a noble.
I rolled family Heirloom, Christian Relic on the Luck Table. I decided it was a finger of Saint Alban, inherited form his mothr no doubt since the Count doesn’t own it. He keeps it at home, not wanting to risk it of course, but has pictured it on his shield. Hence his name, Knight of the Finger.
His significent Trait is Reckless.
Some players were surprised that he is neither pious not Religious, to which I simply replied, "Why would he need those when he has a relic?"—Greg

A knight at last! I have waited for this moment all my life, and I give my thanks to my dear brother the Earl Charles de Marlboro for granting to me this blessing. I eagerly look forward to vanquishing the foes of Britain! My only regret is that the Saxons have been conquered, for they seemed to be the best opportunity to gain glory and fame.
After some dutiful garrison duty—how odious and boring—I was released to seek adventure. Most of the knights in the county are content to sit home and tend normal duties. Let them stand guard!
I ventured to the hall of the Great Duke where I learned that the Lady Ga, a woman of great beauty and fame, had disappeared. Her husband, the famous Sir Uren, called the Timely, had gone seeking her. Perhaps she had been kidnapped!
Some said Lady Ga was of fairy blood, and that her disappearance after seven human years in companionship was natural. Her husband is seeking her, they say, and will never return, for once departed none can find their way back to the enchanted lands.
I too joined in the wide seeking of her, wandering the lands of Tribruit, Lambor and Cameliard seeking clues. But alas, finding naught. I met many fine folks and now know some roads in those aforementioned lands, and have performed some jousts and been in many fine hunts. I shall return to my brother’s halls with these humble tales of adventure.

That was just a made up year of Previous Experience. Regrettably, Wayne, the player of Sir Uren, has to retire from the game. It was coincidentally the seventh year of his faerie wife, which provides a ready excuse for his character’s disappearance.—Greg

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