Thursday, July 26, 2007

558: Nice horse!

Count Mortimer grimaces

I hatespending winters in Silchester city! That place is always damp. But there you have it: I had work to do and I stayed until I couldn't ride out on my own, and there caught a fever. I am too old for that nonsense. And to make it worse, my daughter Oriana was there to help care for me now that I have no wife and am too ugly to get another (despite my wealth and charm), and her little one, never the healthiest of babies, succumbed to the same fever and died. What a shame, especially since Lady Ernestine, Elliott's young wife, is with child.

And despite it all at Christmas court we had promised a tournament, so a tournament we had, there at Silchester. Those knights who came back from the grail quest last year attended, as did many of the young knights my lord king Arthur promoted to the round table in place of those who'd perished. It went well I suppose, and the prize was a very fine destrier, a liver chestnut trained to fight. I saw that horse kick a groom once in the stable and break both the boy's legs! Caught him on the side of the leg, and broke 'em both.

Needless to say I was not allowed to ride him.

Oh! And we had a good enough of a harvest that I was able to pull some coin together and get more siege equipment. I love the smell of grease and oakwood!

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