Thursday, July 26, 2007

554: Claptrap and Other Ill Tidings

Count Mortimer grumps

At Pentecost feast an apparition of the Holy Grail appeared. The religious knights made such a fuss that soon the whole hall was clamoring for a quest. What rubbish! But would anyone listen to reason? No. The round table positively emptied of knights, and many of the younger knights from the lower tables as well, vowed to take up the hunt for this magical cup. All that food, gone to waste. The servants ate well that week, that's for sure.

Did I go? Are you kidding me? I admit, when Lady Betty passed away I spent some time in the chapel, but I'm no fool to run off half-cocked on some quest for a cup, even Jesus's cup. A lance, a sword, a horse, a mission: that is all a knight ever needs. I spent the rest of the week at court gaming with the pagan knights in attendance.

Later that year my son Elliott's new wife had a son, but a flu swept through Silchester, making me ill and killing two of Oriana's daughters.

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