Thursday, July 26, 2007

545: Show Me The Money

[We have to cover, oh, twenty-one years of game time before next week's session, which will be this group's last. So the posts are gonna come fast and furious over the next few days. I'm hoping some of the other players amend what I put up to include what's happening in their corners of Logres, and to their characters.—Suzanne]

Count Mortimer says

Drat those boys! I am surprised and a bit disappointed that they spent the winter away from home. I was hoping for their help this winter, as again I was laid low by illness. A few weeks before Pentecost, I answered the call put out by my Lord Arthur for his round-table knights to assemble, even though I was still feeling poorly. We escorted Mark to Cornwall and rode back to Camelot with wagons upon wagons of ransom for poor, hapless Sir Doon.

The summer I mostly spent in upkeep on my Lord Arthur's many castles in this part of the kingdom. The salt air can really do a number on mortar if it is not looked after properly, especially in those castles whose construction I did not supervise. Oh, you may save a little up front in construction costs, but shoddy workmanship will get you down the road in repair bills, believe me.

Lady Elaine, my son Elliot's wife and daughter to young Leodigrance, who was ill last year of a womanly fever, succumbed this fall. She was with child again, and the strain was apparently too much for the young lady. Because we were in mourning we missed the marvel of the Green Knight at Christmas court; Sir Griflet tells me it was quite something.

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