Friday, May 18, 2007

541: Strangore, Concluded

[Man, I was churning through characters tonight: my two Salisbury guys left, the London-based equites I rolled up went down to -4 hp, then back up to 4 hp courtesy of Sir Gerin the Weaker's preternatural healing gifts; so I rolled up another guy while everyone else was hacking away at various northern foes. I finished him up...just in time for the scenario's denouement! Oh, well, so it goes some weeks.—Suzanne]

Sir Cingetorix murmurs...

I volunteered to ride with Sir Branwen against the Picts.

The Picts kicked my ass: during our first encounter I was pummeled into unconsciousness, and there I remained until the excitement was over and everybody had ridden home, or to Gaiholm.

Meet Sir Madog

My lord, King Bagdemagus, allowed me to ride against the Picts with Prince Gereint and many knights of Gorre and Strangore, our white-shielded mystery knight ally, and Sir Branwen. We fought Picts: Sir Evan, one of Sir Branwen's fellows, slew the Pictish champion. We fought a giant: Sir Branwen dispatched him almost single-handed. We took the hillfort base of the maurauders. We freed that Christian priest. We burnt the hillfort to the ground. We rode home.

Some of the southern knights are staying for the year, though none took King Bagdemagus's generous offer of a manor. And some of us northern knights—myself, Prince Gereint, our mystery knight (revealed to be Sir Flan of Ireland), and a few others—are going south to see Camelot for ourselves and to meet King Arthur. Sir Branwen loaded the giant's head in an oxcart and we are taking it as a trophy to the Pendragon.

This will be quite an adventure.

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