Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Springtime Call to Arms

To [insert your name] of [insert your appelative] be this lettre tayke.

A claryon to battle hath been called on behalf of Kyng Lak of Estregales, vassal to Our Lord Arthur, Rex Imperator of Britaygne, Franksland, and Roma. An open Call to Arms to any for whom wish to avenge the wrongful deaths of our noble brethren, Sirras Clarian, Beryl, Galonors, and Gerin at the hands of the evil Duke Gwyddno, Count of Gwaelod.

If you wish to satisfye this obligatyon to [your Lord's name], then joyne the Army of Revenge, fully armed and prepayred for war.

The Army meets this 23rd Day of Martius at the Port of Bristol, where we set sayle for Carmarthen, there to meetynge wyth King Lak and his Vengence Knights. Provishyon and Passage provided by our Gloryus Kyng Arthyr.

Written by [insert clerkly name here], most humble Chief Clerk, en behalf of our Lord [insert your Lord's name], with grayt earnest and fayth in Christ.

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