Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sir Galonors sends a letter to his sister

To the Lady Guinerant Galonors of Woodford Manor, in Salisbury, Logres, be this letter take.

In the year of Our Lord, Jesu Christi, five-hundred nine and twenty.

In hayst do I tell this letter to a goodly seargeant-at-arms who in his youthe wert tawt letters in the Latin. Hight him Sir Blufous an he a goodly man of Salisbury that wert wounded in Anglia. He seeks reste from his wounds an in Woodford I send him with letter thus. Tell my wife, Lady Allys, to provide reste for him, an assign our brother Owen to his service and for messenger be to his own playce near Ebble. Tell little Owen that this will be his fyrst servyce as esquire to a goodly knight.

I am received news of your proposal in marriayge by letter from one Father Caius of Levcomagus, who wert baptyzer of one Atiochus Vecci marchant of London Towne who wert the one makynge the proposal. This proposal is refused on the grownds that he art not of noble blood an tho he be of grayte means, he is unsewted to take your hand in marriayge. Tho ripe are you at sixteen years, dear sister, you must in paytience find solace of heart and know that a better match awaits anon. I art in needs of tyme to finde a proper sewter and to amass your dowry as befittynge your state.

Know that I wert in Anglia these months past and fawt under the able command of Sir Trently of the Table Round and of Sir Leodegrance the Lesser, both able knights of great glorye. Fawt did I alongside another knight, Sir Clydno of the Finger, who on chain clasped to heart has a relic moste wondrous that of the finger of St. Alban. Manye of our brethryn wert captured by the Devil's own black magic, along with Our Lord Arthur, Rex Imperator of Britaine, France, and Rome, by a fowl Saxon wych an her great demon paramour. An with glorye didst we escape, with Sir Clydo sore wounded but with his finger safe.

God mayke you an excellent damosel and give regardes to our dear mother, our brother Owen, and our sisters three. Do give kindly regards to my wife, Lady Allys, and forget not to pray for our brother Dafyd, who in the north fites the Heathen who art breech of Our King's borders there.

In Guinnon, and in hayste.

By your Guisdern.

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