Friday, November 10, 2006

529: Family Matters

Mortimer, Marshall of Salisbury

At the Earl's request, I traveled to Sarum this spring. He wanted to discuss the state of the county, so we spent a not inconsiderable amount of time talking of the various knights and manors in Salisbury. Truly, the land is flourishing. I mentioned to Earl Robert my idea to settle some folks down in southern Salisbury—what used to be called Hampshire—to relieve overcrowding in Sarum and to take advantage of the activity around Camelot. Next year, I think.

We also talked about my health and my ability to be Marshall. I should think, after France and Italy, that there would be no question as to my fitness to retain the office. He let the matter drop, but he did inquire after my boy Monroe, and whether we had news of him. I'm very, very sad to say that since Trently's wedding, we have not. Not one peep. Very uncharacteristic!

It was an especially rainy spring, and I caught a cold, as did one of the little ones, Clarian I think it was. I have so many I can hardly keep them straight! He's alright, and I am too, though I don't have my old strength back. And of course with all the damp from the rains my arthritis kicked up. The Lady Betty then arranged a seaside visit to the old Roman baths, and I admit that the waters did feel good on these old knees and hands.

When we got back, this time staying at our manor in Figsbury, we got news that Lady Sylvie, my cousin Mordecai's widow, had been lost at sea. Ah, the poor woman! Always hated the water. Their son, Sir Caius, is out on errantry, so with the clan's permission and blessing I have taken in Caius's two sisters under guardianship. The eldest, another widow (twice over), needs marrying, as does her younger sister, now 20 years of age. So good sirs, if you know of any eligible and worthy knights, please send them to Figsbury!

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