Friday, October 20, 2006

Sir Galonors Writes Home Again

To the Squire Dafyd ap Henias of Sarum, Logres be this letter take.

In the Year of Our Lord, Jesu Christi, Five Hundred Eight and Twenty.

To mine well-regarded brother I greet you well and have but a few short moments to dictate a message to this goodly Clerk.

As you know I went oft to garde the King's Road in the North Lands for our Glorious Arthur, Rex Imperator of Britain, France, and Rome. I went with a companye of goodly knights, under the able command of Sir Trently, Knight of the Table Rownde, and yea did manye adventures befall us. We rode oft North threw the Forest Perilewse and wert lost for manye days and had manye peryls until found we the Kingdom of the Fisher King. We fawght the Fisher King's enemyes who wert in league with the Devil himself. Aye the motlye hoste of hell wert at our backs til we came to the Castle Whyte where lyes the Fisher King and his Goodly Courte.

And at the Castle Whyte I saw the Grail of Our Lord Jesu Christi whose blood wert captured therein by Josef Arimathea and brawt to this Islande of Britain. Twas marvelous to behold - yea, my brother, and my Faithe is Strong for the lookynge upon the Holy Grail. I am blessed assurely.

And now I am oft to seek allies to fight the Enemye of the Fisher King, who is a moste graycious and noble man. I send this letter from Cumbria wherein I reste with fellow knights and seek the aide of one Sir Allyn the Grosse, who is kinsman unto the Fisher King.

Know mine brother that I send a Libram of silver with the good priest, Father Michael, who in his kindness agreed to deliver this note. Use the silver to buy attire worthy of the son of Henias and brother of the Lord of Woodford and Burcome.

God make you an excellent Squire of our Lord Robert, Earl of Salisbury, and send God's blessing and mine to you and our mother and our sisters four, and pray that I shall return victorious and safe of lymbe. Also send greetings and word of my safety to the Lady Allys, my wife, if you get the chance.

Written in haste at Castle le Blanc, Cumbria.

By your brother Guisedern Galonors

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